Corporate, Business & Residential Partnerships

iBAG intelligent drycleaning can partner with your business at your office, with commercial building concierges, residential building concierges, and is always excited to talk with like-minded dry cleaners about becoming part of the iBAG family.


API Integration

The iBAG App and software environment are capable of plugging in to your existing platforms.

Reliable & Professional

Reliable dry cleaners can be hard to find. Our national network of quality cleaners means we can support companies with offices or buildings in multiple cities.

Mobile App

Customer App, and order management system, created by iBAG, for our customers, and our partners.

30-day accounts

Available for corporate laundry and uniform services depending on volumes and monthly spend.

Set-up is easy

Minimal effort and no cost to you, to launch a new building or business-level service.

Eliminate plastic

Receive a FREE iBAG garment bag when you register. iBAG’s are unique, they are very robust, and designed to last longer than your average suit bag.

Premium services

End-of-trip, towel service and other premium services available.

Attract new tenants

Services are attractive to prospective tenants, and in-building dry cleaning is becoming more common. iBAG has a high level of experience in this field.

White-labelling of App

Like a customised solution for your building, but the reliability of the iBAG service?

Need a good dry-cleaning partner? You’re in the right place!

iBAG for Dry Cleaners

iBAG is always interested in partnering with like-minded cleaners in Australia. We’re also keen to talk to cleaners outside Australia and show the rest of the world how a pickup & delivery dry cleaning and laundry service crafted by an Aussie family, and tailored for Aussie professionals, can give them more time to do the things they love. For cleaners iBAG brings:

Plug n play solution

Collaborative approach

Custom software

Established brand

Network benefits

Access to more customers