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What happens if I lose my iBAG?
When registering for the first time your iBAG is free, however, if you would like a second bag, or need one re-issued due to loss, there is a $10 charge for this.
It depends on where you are based. If iBAG is partnered with your building’s concierge, the App will notify you to drop it at ground floor with them. Alternatively, if iBAG has partnered with your company, there may be a central collection point within the office, this could be a designated cabinet, or even the reception desk. If it’s your first time, try and make it as easy as possible for our driver to reach you and get your bag.
If your booking is made before 9:30am on a business day iBAG will collect it the same day. Your items will be returned by 4:30pm the next business day. However, repairs and alterations, doonas blankets, household items, suede and leather as well as delicate items, or items with excessive staining may also take longer. The iBAG team will notify you if this is the case.
Depending on the location, and city, iBAG has different delivery schedules. The App will notify you of the collection day once you complete your booking. Refer to information at the collection point at your location for more information. If you would like more information email hello@ibag.com.au. The most common iBAG service is usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
At this point we don’t offer same day service, but it’s definitely something we’d like to aspire to. Turn around times are typically 36-48 hours for standard dry cleaning and laundry. More time is generally required for household items, like doonas, some high-fashion items, wedding gowns, repairs & alterations and leather & suede. Check your local collection point for more information related to turn around times.
Of course you can. Provided iBAG can easily service your location, and we don’t need special access privileges, then it should be straightforward. If you need assistance it might be best to email us on hello@ibag.com.au.


Can I book through the website?
At this point in time, iBAG intelligent drycleaning is only available on Apple and Android mobile Apps.
Swipe left on the item you wish to delete in the Payment Manager or the Address Manager.
Unfortunately, we can’t service every suburb, one day we’d like to, but right now we are still growing. If we don’t service your area, sign up to the newsletter as prompted when you try to register and you will be notified when we do come to your area.
Don’t worry, credits may not show in the App, but it is all applied automatically once our team check-in your order at our processing facility. If you believe there has been an incorrect charge on your account send an email to support@ibag.com.au
We made a decision to provide the most common items in our pricelist on the App. If you have something for cleaning which is not there, you have 2 options.
  1. Do a “quick” order, select your number of items and put a brief description
  2. Select all your other items, go to your cart and complete your special care requirements, and then add a note in the next step describing your extra item. Our team will add this to your order when they receive your items.
Once you have selected your items, open your cart and you will see your current order. You can now swipe left on each item to add special care for your items. For example, if you have a silk dress, swipe left and modify your dress with a silk special care requirement. Don’t worry, if you miss something our team will pick it up when they receive your items. The price on your order when you place the booking is an estimate only. You will receive a full order summary via email, and you will also receive a push notification of the updated status of your order, which you can view in the app.
You can do this one of 2 ways:
  1. When building your order on the “Fill Your Laundry Bag” screen, use the minus button attached to the product to decrease it
  2. If you have opened your “Laundry Bag” and can now see each item in your order, swipe right and you can delete using the rubbish bin icon
Most promo codes have an expiry date, so this may be one reason. If you believe that your code should be working, and it isn’t, email support@ibag.com.au


Where are my clothes cleaned?
Your clothes are cleaned at our state-of-the-art dry-cleaning plant, one of Melbourne’s biggest and brightest, backed by on-site management with an experienced team.
There is no need. As a default, shirts are always laundered, other than that our team will make these decisions based on the care labelling of your items. Where we can do both, we will use processes that are the best fit to remove any staining on the item. Pricing doesn’t vary for laundering vs. dry cleaning, we just do what’s required to achieve the best cleaning results in the safest way for your clothes.
The first step is to check the care label. If the label says the item is dry cleanable and has a code "P", "F" or "A" in a circle, then we can process this in dry cleaning. Even if your item says “Do not dry clean” we have the capacity to wet-clean (wash) your items using state of the art wet cleaning systems capable of washing the most delicate garments.
If we can’t remove a stain, and we’ve tried everything, you may get your item back with a tag saying “Best Result Possible”. Sometimes this may also suggest we have done the best in the time allowed. For the best chance of removing all stains, the more time you allow us, the more effort we can put in. We don’t charge any extra to try whatever we have at our disposal. The integrity of the garment is our top priority, so if we believe there is a risk to the item, but a chance to remove the stain, we will seek your permission to proceed first.
Sounds crazy but they do exist. Think about lemonade, or white wine. Both of these are soluble in water, as opposed to dry cleaning solvent, and require specialised treatment using spotting agents to remove in dry cleaning, the problem being that they often can’t be seen when the item is presented for cleaning. After cleaning, without specific treatment, and with exposure to heat during the process, the sugar can oxidise and go a yellow-colour. Often these “caramelised” sugar stains are very difficult to remove. We recommend marking these ‘invisible’ stains when they occur and bringing them in for cleaning straight away. Be sure to bring the stains to the attention of our team when you bring them in for cleaning.